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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 24, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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go to slash greta wire. see you tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we are going to pass health care reform. >> the best health care on earth is in the united states of america. >> bill: the health care showdown just hours away as the president will attempt to persuade republicans to help people nation's medical care system. karl rove, dick morris and dennis miller will all weigh in. >> there were people in this congress, in the british parliament saying don't worry, hitler is not real. it will disappear. >> bill: the politics of fear. senator bernie sanders compares global warming to the third rite. the tea party people are making us afraid says valerie jarrett. >> it's always a lot easier to scare people and get them angry. >> bill: we'll have a report
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that may make you afraid. >> i'm deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior. ♪ body language. >> bill: body language has been scrutinizing the tiger woods' confession. we heard what his mouth said, but what was he really saying? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: i'm ill bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. creating fear in america. earlier this week we had a lively discussion about whether or not president obama is a socialist. you may remember rush limbaugh mocked me for not putting the s-word label on mr. obama. also, fox news analyst newt gingrich agreed with mr. limbaugh that the president is a socialist, at least philosophically. we then spoke with bernie goldberg who agreed with me that
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the socialist label might be very damaging to barack obama because it scares people. most americans tonight like socialism. if the s-word sticks to mr. obama, it will hurt him politically. on the other side, senator bernie sanders of vermont, an admitted socialist, was ranting about the global warming situation the other day, actually comparing it to the third reich. >> the reason that this debate is so important is that it reminds me in some ways of the debate taking place in this country and around the world in the late 1930s. and during that period with naziism and fascism growing, a real danger to the united states and democratic countries all over the world, there were people in this congress, in the british parliament, saying don't worry, hitler is not real. it will disappear. we don't have to be prepared to take it on. global warming is real. >> bill: i could be wrong, but i believe old bernie is trying to scare us. and then there is top presidential advisor value
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alreadiry jarrett who was asked about the tea party movement in harvard's school of government. >> it's always a lot easier to scare people and to get them angry when they are already scared and they are already uncertain. i think that's what the tea party has tried to capture. >> bill: all right, unlike the statement from sanders, ms. jarrett hay may have a point. many americans are frightened. they see the obama administration spending money the country doesn't have. there is terrorism and taxation and other things important to the folks. yes, some tea party people are in the game because they are afraid. talking points doesn't think that's a bad thing. fear is a
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move. i think it's kabuki theater. >> bill: for those not oriented in the japanese art form is when people do what? >> well, they -- the president is going to be trying to do one of two things. and maybe both things. he is going to be trying to sort of force the republicans into
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looking like on national television for six hours that they are obstructionists with no ideas and proposals. i think he is going to fail on that. the other part of it may be that he is trying to say look, democrats, if you want anything that looks vaguely like the bill that i have got, you ain't going to get it from the republicans, let us band together and push through the congress a bill that looks like the senate bill. >> bill: he wants to get people angry, he wants to get the republicans angry so they won't do anything. mobilize the democrats get them angry so they will push it through. that's not a bad political strategy, is it. >> except that the republicans are going to be calmed and reasoned and going to come with what he doesn't want them to come with when which is sensible, common sense proposals for reforming health care that americans will listen to and say you know what? that's going to be a good idea. >> bill: who is going to articulate that on the g.o.p. side. >> it's interesting, i have been talking to people on the hill. there is something interesting happening behind the scenes. there is always tension between the members of the same party and the senate and the house. there is just a by-cam merle an
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tag gonism if you will. approaching this meeting the senate and republican leadership had a joint planning effort in which they prepared debate books, scripted out who was in charge of taking care of what issues. they had a joint coordination on their -- on discussions with the white house about how the media would be styled. and they literally had sessions in which members of congress pretended like they were in a meeting. >> bill: they have to prepare. it's a big showdown. they have to do that. >> yeah. but it's unusual that they went to that degree and that there was by cameral participation in it the senate democrats and house democrats over there. senate republicans house republicans over there. >> bill: i got it they are all united because they see a big opportunity here if the president doesn't get what he wants comes across as somebody who is craven, the g.o.p. makes -- i expect senator mccain to emerge as one of the primary voices in opposition to the president. and that, you know, throws us
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back to the mccain-obama thing. you have got to have one person kind of well-known making your case. >> i'm not certain i agree with that. >> bill: i could be wrong. i'm just saying who is the guy who could command attention and has authority and it's really mccain. mccain doesn't like this bill at all. it's not like he is involved with this. he doesn't like it. okay. now, as you know, i was right about the public option deal. remember that thing? i think you owe me like 18 dinners in 14 different states. >> i will meet you at chick fey fey -- fillet or mcdonald's or popeye's. you take your choice. >> bill: any of the three will work for me as long as you sit there with the little hat on. whatever hat restaurant -- >> that's burger king. i didn't put burger king on the list where kids are king. >> bill: i'm going to submit to you that the american people are scared, just as i said in the talking points memo, they are scared of this bill. i'm a little bit scared of it because of the cost of it. the cost of it i'm saying to myself, look, we are maxed out
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now. and as i said last night, i hope people watched the program last night. we just ran down all the new taxes that are coming. taxes on everything. everything you can imagine. tanning salons, and, you know, your license tax also double and this will double. while you may save money on health care premiums, if this thing gets through you are giving it back in the tax realm. it's just coming. so it's a wash or you are down. but people are afraid. >> it's not a wash. it's not a wash. there is a trillion dollars worth of additional money being spent over the next 10 years. it's got to come from somebody. it's not just tanning salons. it's going to come from everybody who has insurance policy. the congressional budget office says everybody's health care premiums are going to be higher than they would be otherwise. it's going to come from anybody who has to have a drug. there is $80 billion worth of higher taxes on drugs in the senate bill. there is 20 billion or $30 billion, depending on the version or device makers. you need a shoulder replacement or a knee or a heart pacemaker, you will be paying higher
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prices. >> bill: the important thing for white guys like me is the tanning salon. i can't afford that. >> be comfortable in your blandness. >> bill: look, the fear -- excuse me, the fear thing is driving opposition to the health care bill, that's what's driving it. people are going, it's not going to be good for me. it's not going to work out. >> they are scared. and not good for the country. i think makes a very good point, it's a healthy instinct. we are hard-wired to fight or flee. when you face something as bad as, this people want to get away from it. they are afraid of it. that's as it should be. it's a terrible bill made even worse by this president during these negotiations. i mean, you know, did you see the comment by the white house in which they said yes, the deal for unions is in there? that is to say the cadillac -- the tax on cadillac plans is paid by people who are not in unions and don't work for state and local government. but if you work for a union or state or local government you
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don't have to pavement how fundamentally unfair is that? buy off your political supporters and make your political opponents and everybody else pay a higher price. >> bill: i think the tanning thing really overwhelms everything in it. >> this is bad. you are too focused on the tanning salon thing, mr. o'reilly. >> bill: all right, mr. rove, we appreciate it. we would like to you vote in our bill o' poll. do you favor federal oversight of health insurance pricing? yes or no? next on the rundown, democratic pollster says things are looking even worse for his party. and then dick morris will predict whether or not obama care will pass. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, with the president almost forced to deal with the republicans on health care, the question is can he and the democrats reverse the negative trend in public opinion? a new cnn poll says just 47% of americans believe the president is working effectively with the g.o.p. that is down from 74% this time last year, an astounding collapse. joining from us boston doug schoen, the author of the book "the political fix." okay, so this is a big day for president obama tomorrow. is he trying not only to get his health care bill passed but to change public perception. all right because it all down and it has to do with fear as i said in talking points memo.
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americans now, instead of embracing the hope and change deal that president obama got elected on are afraid of him. they are afraid that the government is out of control. am i wrong? >> you ash absolutely right, bill. they are afraid of big government, big taxes, and an overreaching federal bureaucracy that they are afraid is going way beyond what they expect or want. >> bill: so what is it then that the president has to do to turn that around? >> well, what the president has to do, and what he has so far been unwilling or unable to do is to embrace a set of core principles that are readily understandable about health care that emphasize that there are incremental steps that the american people can embrace, such as precondition -- preexisting conditions, portability, incrementallism on coverage, and insurance exchanges, things that most people agree on and build common ground. that's the hope. i'm not sure he can do it.
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>> bill: i don't know if he will try to do it because as mr. rove said he may just try to show the country that the republicans are intractable because we do expect the republicans to go up there and say, look, unless you put in tort reform. unless you put in interstate competition of insurance companies two stallworths and maybe -- you are a democrat. maybe you can explain to me why those things are not in the bill, mr. doug schoen. they are not in the bill. the republicans have been hammering that for the last eight months and the president just says i'm not going to do it. >> bill, i have been writing that the democrats should include tort reform, malpractice reform, and interstate purchase of insurance. >> bill: why don't they do it then? if you are a democrat, i'm an independent, and all the republicans want it, okay, why doesn't president obama say okay, i will give you both of those things. why not? >> i think he is afraid of the left-wing idealogues in the house and in the senate.
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but i think, given that steny hoyer said today that he doesn't necessarily see the bill going through, that there is some possibility this will be a two-step bill where they have the session tomorrow. it doesn't succeed, and they back off. at least that's my hope. >> bill: okay. but i can't see that i think this is high noon. i think this is -- you know, did you ever see that movie tombstone when you have got the characters walking down the street and they got the guns and ready to go. i don't see anybody red backing off tomorrow. both parties know this is a battle for public opinion. not about the health care bill. it's not. that's not what is going on tomorrow. this is about hearts and minds. this is about for november. this is a battle for congress. and as rove just told us, the inside baseball is, one of the few times the republican house and senate leadership has gotten together and said, look, this is what we're gonna say. what we're gonna do. you don't go into a meeting within a open mind with a script already written.
11:17 pm
the republicans already got what they are going to do. you have got to figure that the president has got what he is gonna do. so it's a shoot-out. it's a shoot out in the main square. who who is going to win? >> i think it's a shoot-out the democrats will probably lose, which is why i say it's a two-step. you are absolutely right about tomorrow. i think the president will be forced to back down after tomorrow, otherwise, he will face a political armageddon in the house and senate and probably not get his legislation through. >> bill: he is not a back-down kind of guy though. i have never seen that ever from him. >> bill, i don't think he has got the votes. >> bill: what? >> i don't think he has got the votes in the house. and maybe not the senate either. and if tomorrow doesn't go the way he wants or expects, it may well be all but certain that health care is dead. >> bill: okay, now, last question, does he know what you know? you are a democratic pollster. does president obama know what you know? he doesn't have the votes.
11:18 pm
he isn't going to get it done as it stands now. so he has got to do a distelzweig big dramatic thing tomorrow? does he know that? >> i think he knows in his heart of hearts that the people around him are left wing idealogues. nancy pelosi is an idealogue, a number of the senators want this bill and want a public option. so he can't back down until he has a shoot-out tomorrow. but i think he knows in his heart of hearts unless operates like bill clinton did with newt gingrich in '95 and '96, he is going to fail and face defeat in november. >> bill: that's pretty stunning. >> that's the truth, bill. thank you. >> bill: directly ahead, dick morris will predict whether obama care will pass the house and senate. later, dennis miller wants you to know what he thinks about obama care. he will tell us in his rather demuir way. miller upcoming. [ male announcer ] this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars.
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>> bill: factor follow up seeingment tonight. bring in dick morris who is down in florida. we want morris make a prediction will congress say yes to the health care bill? dick is the purveyor of the very fine web site dick what say you, morris? >> in the senate, yes. in the senate he will get 5 to walk the plank for him and to approve this through reconciliation. in the house, i don't know.
11:22 pm
and the reason i don't know is that it is up to you, the viewers, to make that decision. right now, as things are set, the party discipline in the house will be enough to pass this bill. but, if the forces that derailed it and elected scott brown get activated in the next week or two weeks, they can pressure the swing democrats. on dick i have a list of all 30 of them with their phone numbers. if they do that and do other things to influence those members, i think they can be scared away. i think this bill can be defeated. it is right in our wheel house. right now the people opposed to this bill have got to make the decision as to whether or not it passes by their level of activism. let me say the stuff that karl was talking about, about the high taxes from the bill, that's minor. the taxes go up, go down.
11:23 pm
what is major about this bill is that it gives the federal government the power to tell people no, you can't have this bypass surgery. you have to die. unless we have some lazarus walking around, we are not going to be able to resurrect them. >> bill: i have to disagree with you on the taxes though. when you are into the medicare on hike -- not only on straight income but on capital gains, on rents, on anything like that -- >> -- it's a disaster for the economy. but money is money. life is life. >> bill: i got it. we don't know -- it's not fair. and see you are doing the same thing i said in the talking points memo that bernie sanders is doing about global warming. you are trying to scare people that if they get a heart attack the government is going to let them die. that's what you are trying to do. >> yeah, yes. >> bill: you may be right. >> and it's right. >> bill: you say it's right. they say it's wrong. they say no. >> no bill, if you come to the doctor, and you say i want bypass surgery or he says you need bypass surgery.
11:24 pm
or you need a heart transplant. they have to assess whether to give you the care according to this bill. >> bill: how old you are. >> quality of adjusted life years. 80, 90 years old, diabetic, high pressure, overweight, no. i'm sorry that does mean you are going to die. >> bill: i don't know if most americans are going to oppose that. i don't know if they are going to oppose a heroin addict walking in with a bad liver who is 68 years old and they will say, look, i'm not sure that that is going to do it. what does it for me, morris, and i'm trying to be as fair as i can as you know is the unbelievable cost to the nation of this bill. i don't believe for a second it's a trillion-dollar bill. i think they are going to suck the blood out of the working american. >> to pay for the entitlement. >> bill: that's what has put me over. go ahead. >> my next book comes out in two months called 2010.
11:25 pm
in it i claim this bill costs $6 trillion. >> bill: but you are trying to trying to scare everybody, morris you are scaring me. >> i'm giving you the facts. >> bill: you are giving me the facts from one point of view. >> i'm giving you the numbers. 1 trillion is the six-year cost and the 10 year revenue balanced out. but from the minute the benefits start, in 2014, and you run that to 20024, that cost is $2.5 trillion according to the congressional budget office. the rest of the cost is that i make you buy an insurance policy from joe over there. and that's going to cost you money in writing out a check for premiums. and i'm going to make you cover the cost of people that didn't buy insurance. and when you put those together, you are talking about $3 trillion of premium hikes over that 15-year period. and those are not scare tactics.
11:26 pm
>> bill: i'm not saying you are wrong. >> it's facts. it's what harry truman said. i tell the truth and you just call it scarey. >> bill: can i get somebody in on the other side. this, and that. nobody knows how much the bill is going to cost if it gets through. nobody knows. what i do know is it is not going to be a trillion dollars. i also know that taxes are going to go through the roof. i also know that premiums aren't going to come down because they haven't come down in massachusetts. they went up. i know what i know based on what's real. i can't project out. now, final question. i think this tomorrow is a kabuki theater as rove said or high noon as o'reilly said with the clantons and the erps and this and that. i think it's an orchestrated deal on both sides. >> i think it's romeo and juliet the two families fighting. >> bill: will there be a winner, a clear winner tomorrow when the dust settles? >> yeah, obama a very high bar,
11:27 pm
far too high for him to make it, he has to convince people that a plan they rejected they should accept. he is not going to be able to do that the republicans have been pasted by obama for three months of saying all you are is the party of no. you are not for anything. you have no program. and all the republicans have to do is put out a plausible plan, which they will, and that will satisfy everyone. most important part of that plan is coverage, a pool to cover really sick people. so no one who really needs it doesn't have health insurance. >> bill: a separate pool for those who have the preexisting conditions. >> yeah. like bad drivers pool, you know? >> bill: okay, dick. thanks very much. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along. body language, rosie o'donnell and suzanne somers. dennis miller own tax obligations they are massive. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ female announcer ] breathe right asks... [ woman ] could i ask you to strip on the seet?
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including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. i thought i was doing enough to lower my cholesterol, but i needed more help. what are you doing about yours? [ male announcer ] have a heart to heart with your doctor about your cholesterol. and about lipitor. >> bill: body language segment tonight, three very high profile people. tiger woods, rosie o'donnell and suzanne somers. tonya reiman. the headline is tiger woods. roll the tape. >> shown enormous grace and poise throughout this ordeal. elin deserves praise, not blame. i still believe it is right to shield my family from the public
11:31 pm
spotlight. they did not do these things. i did. >> bill: okay. you watched it live when it happened? >> yes. >> bill: your overall assessment of him? >> i think that he had a lot of credible moments but i think he was devoid of any real emotion. because of that, a lot of people came off and said, you know what? it wasn't real. he practiced it way too many times. even with all that practice here, just now, he still needs to look at his notes. he came off he said what he had to say. most of what he said was credible. he was too monotonous and flat. there was only real emotion in specific areas. >> bill: the clip about his wife being blameless. there was rumors that she attacked him with a golf club and all of that he looked a little shaken there. >> look at him. yes, was he shaken? sure. he is standing in front of this room having to open up emotionally. there weren't body language lock down is what i see. >> bill: body language lock down.
11:32 pm
>> this was it. that was the only movement. you know what? that movement was contrived. you can tell that because it. >> bill: you think it said on script put hand on heart? >> i think when he practiced this over and over again, i am going to be powerful here. the next movement is i am going to take the blame putting the hand to the heart. >> bill: do you think there was an expert in body language coaching him here. >> not necessarily. maybe he practiced it over and over. it becomes awkward. when you practice something over and over again. that's where he was here. i also found he was very flat when he spoke most of the time. the two times that i saw he became passionate when he spoke about his foundation and when he spoke about his sponsors. those are the times where i saw real passion, anger, frustration, leave my family alone. other than that, i didn't see much. >> bill: mawb he is an unemotional person. to play golf the way he plays it you have to have ice in your veins. >> i looked for sign of insincere. he wasn't blinking.
11:33 pm
that leads me to believe most of what he said was credible. here is the question. is he sorry for his transgressions or is he sorry that he was caught? that's the question i can't answer. >> bill: nobody can answer that not from body language unless you have it written on your chest i'm faking everybody out. all right. now, last week in l.a. talked to suzanne somers who doesn't want any labeling on supplements by the government. i do. i think you can be hurt by these things and there has to be oversight. roll the tape. >> you are going to let the f.d.a. what are approved ingredients. >> bill: they do that in food we are eating poison. bill raw total libertarian say anything they want. >> not at all. >> bill: who is going to be the arbiter really regretful?
11:34 pm
11:35 pm
for me is that i think i scared her i'm 200 pounds. when i stand up and go in your face what is wrong with you do you not have a human heart? do you not like it's crazy. >> it was a bad scene. >> words or weapons for me. >> do you regret that moment. >> yes, i do. i regret that moment because i think no one has spoken like that to her in decades. >> shepard: does she regret the moment. >> i think she is very credible here. but on the same page, i think that she enjoys the dominance that she has. >> bill: she is 200 pounds. she could be 120. >> it's not even that. she is very fidgety twom begin with. whenever you watch her you notice she moves around a lot. >> bill: i have to say you are the expert on body language. i don't think she regretted the moment at all. >> let me tell you why she did. >> bill: i only have 20 seconds. >> she regretted it at the end she brings her hands up here words are weapons. you can tell that she recognized what she did was to choke
11:36 pm
barbara walters. that's where it comes in. >> bill: when we come right back, it will be miller time. the d-man pays a lot of taxes and want you to know how he feels about that miller is next.
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11:39 pm
health care. joining us from los angeles, the sage of southern california, dennis miller. so you have heard some the bloviating tonight on the factor about health care. tombstone high noon shootout. what do you think? >> good evening, o'reilly one can a nobody. first off i have to say doug schoen was electric. it is tough to keep that guy down. that is a pulsating vibrant thing there. >> bill: he was pretty interesting, wasn't he, miller? >> he was very interesting. he plays a little doer. a little under the radar. i have two minds on tomorrow's health care thing. i think, bill, that they can come in hard, where the republicans enter the room. remember that scene in godfather 2 where tom hagin and michael enter the testimony room with frankie's brother from the old country. come in like that and send obama a message. or come in soft where they all have pen fors on and cass seller
11:40 pm
dishes with youyou a agraduaten potatoes. you know barack obama is going to blow so much smoke people are going to think there is going to be new pope elected. if i were the republicans, i would come, in take my time up front and lay down five basic things. when they say you have got five minutes, say we only need a minute. lay down the five basics, and say we yield our time back to you, mr. president. do it did he muirly. don't make like out like you are mocking him. five things and make it basic. he will do the smoke and mirror and throw it back to them and once again here are the five things we do. cross state borders, tort reform, nurses all have to wear yoga pants, whatever you have to say. throw it back to him and say we yield the rest of our time. >> bill: keep it simple, like you? >> really simple. you are not going to keep up with barack obama on-know a
11:41 pm
speech. you know that. so just be smiling. don't -- you know, act like you are being too cheeky. yield your time back to him. because you can't beat him in a way. i would keep it to name, rank, and serial number tomorrow if i was the republicans. >> bill: okay. are you as concerned about the tanning salon tax as i am, miller? because i know you live out there in california. >> billie, i keep certain parts of my body george hamilton bronzed. but there are specific parts that i keep at a nice almost myan. i keep it right there. i am a little worried that i may pay a partial tax on that. >> bill: get into that. you do live in the most taxed state except for new york. new york is the highest taxed state in the union. your tanks are going to go up every way. everything you do, miller. there is even going to be a tax on george hamilton. if you speak to him, you are going to have to pay extra money to the government there will be. [ laughter ] well, you know, thank god the
11:42 pm
donner party trapped is sierra, nevada canal ballize themselves now or they would get hit with the food and beverage tax no doubt. got to set the clocks ahead tax out here. it's crazy, billy. i'm thinking of turning all my money over to the state because i think i will have more access to it as a petitioner than i will as the actual proprietor here. something is going to happen. they are going to go a bridge too far and they have a tax revolt on their hands. >> bill: let's you and i commiserate here. you have a couple of houses, right? we pay property taxes on the house, do we not? >> sure, i do. out the with a wazoo. >> bill: we pay federal income tax, right? >> um-huh. >> bill: state income tax? >> yeah. >> bill: i pay new york city income tax which intintles cab drivers to spew profanities at me. that's what that tax goes for.
11:43 pm
so that's three taxes. property tax, then every bill i get, phone, everything, there is a tax. if i want to buy anything, there is a sales tax. you got all that in california, too, right? >> how about in this morning they call and tell me i, dennis miller am getting taxed on every gold medal we win at the winter olympics. how does that happen? >> bill: you got that call, too? >> it's unbelievable, billy. i don't even get to keep the medal. >> bill: only people who make $250,000 and up get the call on the gold. but between 100 and 250 you get taxed on the silvers. and the poor people. >> middle class gets the bronze. >> bill: exactly. so you would say that this whole thing, the tanning salon, tax on george hamilton, tax on olympic medals total-out of control, right. >> there is a point where i wouldn't work anymore. i'm 56 now. at some point i have to start
11:44 pm
balancing -- i want to see some things in the world. if it got to a point where it was just silly, where i felt they were jobbing me, using me as a sucker and like treating me in the same breath as the bad guy, i would just say hey, you know, i don't know if it's that but some point i would travel the world. >> bill: there is going to be a retirement tax. i don't know whether you know that or not. like the death tax come in and take 50% when you die when you retire take another 30. it's so out of control i want everybody to know what's heading down the pike. the olympics, have you seen anything that's really impressed you there? >> i felt bad for -- you know i love vancouver. my wife is from there. up front they got dealt really weird cards out of the block. it reminds you that the only time that murphy's law doesn't rest is when you are building everything on murphy's law. then it goes -- everything goes to hell. and i think they have resurrected it in the last seven to eight days. it's been a great olympics. it makes me laugh, billy, how the personality of each nation
11:45 pm
is reflected in the events that they are good at. i look at the mellow canadians and they are the sweetest people. they are out there shoving this big grin at nice shuffle board court. the germans are skiing and getting down and shooting guns. beautiful, the way history is. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. southern california. next, did you see that? senator harry reid saying controversial things about men and another pledge of allegiance controversy. wait until you see. this right back with jane skinner. more wings ! no way he'll be in first thing tomorrow. only alka-seltzer relieves your upset stomach, heartburn, indigestion and headache... so you're good to go in the morning. you're late. alka-seltzer brings you back.
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>> bill: back ever of the book seeingment tonight did you see that we show you video you might not be aware of. even if you are, it's interesting to analyze stuff. we begin in california when a political meeting erupted when this happened. >> i'm congress can we start this meeting with pledge of allegiance. [ laughter ] >> i'm serious, congressman shouldn't we say the pledge of allegiance if we all want to be citizens? wouldn't that be the appropriate to say the pledge of allegiance? >> of course. >> can we all stand and i'm happy to lead the pledge of allegiance. >> let's go for it. >> bill: they went for it. now w. us now fox news anchor jane skinner. it's gone viral, that means it's all over the internet and talk show guys and radio are talking
11:49 pm
about it when he said let's say the pledge of allegiance, everybody laughed. some people are saying this was a laugh mocking the pledge of allegiance. did you hear that? did you see that. >> we should point out, too, who was sitting on the stage union members and also a member of congress who represents a los angeles district. he is the one sitting down in the dark shirt or suit jacket. we don't have a lot of context here. it's 46 seconds of video. what you hear is the voice of a guy who says is he campaign staff for a republican candidate in a neighboring district who stands up, according to bucera who stands up saying shouldn't we start the meeting by saying the pledge? we were caught off guard. we didn't know what he was doing. he had a camera or phone in his hand. he was animated when he did it they started to laugh initially. you can see on the tape nods to the podium. >> bill: only two reasons to laugh nervous. [ laughter ] which people do when they are confronted with a surprise situation, all right? or laughter looking at this
11:50 pm
idiot trying to say the pledge of allegiance. do you have any preference in that. >> if you listen to what bucera said, we don't have a lot of context. the whole thing hasn't been released. people didn't know what was going on. >> bill: that's the way i think as well. we can bring tanya back. >> bill: i don't think it was direct insult to the pledge of allegiance based on what we have seen and they all said the pledge of allegiance and they weren't laughing or snickering. >> everybody applauded at the end as well. and bucera came on and said i'm a proud america. >> bill: do you have to say the pledge of allegiance like all day. >> don't touch your computer keyboard when you see that. >> bill: harry reid, some people are mad at him for man-bashing. roll the tape. >> i met with some people while i was home dealing with domestic abuse. it has gotten out of hand. why? men don't have jobs. women don't have jobs either. but women aren't abusive, most of the time. men, when they are out of work,
11:51 pm
tend to become abusive. our domestic crisis shelters in nevada are jammed. it's the way it is all over the country. >> bill: how do you assess that? >> odd way to sell a jobs bill which is what he was trying to do there on the floor by people saying people don't have jobs so they are beating each other up. he was wrong and right. he was wrong when he said women aren't abusive. statistics. men when they don't have jobs tend to beat up their spowfses. probably sweeping with a broad brush. anyone on the front lines of this domestic violence issue and working at these shelters as he talked there talked to people in nevada run them seen numbers significantly increased battered number of women and children come into the shelters sips the recession began. he is getting beat up because he puts his foot miss mouth, kind of ineloquent way of saying that. >> bill: stats do say since the economy has turned south domestic and child abuse has risen. >> shelters have filled up.
11:52 pm
you see that from the east coast to the west coast all over. >> bill: appreciate it very much. thank you as always. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring van vons jones. the guy fired from the obama administration after glenn beck got on his case. a wild p and p. don't miss this one. trust me. we'll be right back. insuring your family's ifs just got easier because metlife removed the guesswork. combining the insurances family's need most, term life and disability, in one affordable package. see just how affordable it is to start building your safety net at ♪ clear somsnow? spread a little warmth? maxwell house gives you a full-flavored cup of coffee. so you can be good to the last drop.
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. bill: time for pinheads and patriots.
11:55 pm
just the pinhead element tonight. you may remember the obama administration hired van jones to be the green job czar. that didn't go down well mr. jones is a supporter of radical causes so he got fired. now there's a new controversy as the naacp is hahn are -- honoring jones this week. >> you've never seen a columbine done by a black child. >> the white environmentalists are steering poison into the people of color's communities. aren't you killing -- [ bleep ] >> some cowboy clicks in the police department who have a frat boy mental tip the president sounded like a crack head trying to lick the pipe for a fix. >> how is it republicans are able to put things through and
11:56 pm
we can't? >> well the answer to that is they're [ bleep ] bill: it gets worse. remember what you just her. here's what van jones is now saying: >> i will, . bill: maybe he has undergone an epiphany. obviously mr. jones is a pinhead. we can't figure without is going on with the naacp. finally, ton of new premium members signing up on bill o' possibly because we are giving out this outstanding travel mug to new members and veteran pm's who
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11:58 pm
underage she is not a child. the law says that is not true so wise up. the iowa law says any child of any age can strip in a theater. it's gotta change. michael: john stossel can have it both ways agrees the fda prevented thalidomide injuries in america but wants it banished any way. george: don't debate freedom with stossel you support government control of medicine that is not freedom i support scientific over site that's called responsibility. scott: i'm devastated that the segment with charles krauthammer is no longer called charles in charge. some folks that was taking over the program scott and the doctor didn't want that on his resume. besides there is only one real charleses in charge guy, you. mia: my 4-year-old son told me not to be a pin held.
11:59 pm
either the factor is on too much in this house or i have a bold fresh piece of humanity on my hands. have fun with the buy. how about our website: talking points memo posted every evening on the website. please e-mail us with your pithy comments about tonight's broadcast or anything. o'reilly@tpoeublgs name a town if you wish to opine. when writing to the factor here's a word of the day do not be a snollygoster. that is it for us today. we'll continue 24/7 on bill o' we hope you check out the premium membership we think you will like it lot. remember the spin stops right


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